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Intro to TechEquity Webinar

Join us in an introduction to TechEquity: what our mission is, how we work, and what you can do to help address the Bay’s affordability crisis. We’ll give a 101 on how we got into the affordability crisis we’re in and what’s happening in the housing + workforce worlds to… Read More

Community Spotlight – Jessica Wang 

Tech workers from across the Bay Area have joined TechEquity’s network and given their time, skills, and financial support to make their communities more equitable. We’re proud of our growing community full of intelligent, passionate, engaged citizens, and we want to show them off. Meet Jessica Wang Jessica is a… Read More

Caste Bias in Tech

Many people lump Indian tech workers into the “model minority”, a racist stereotype that creates a pecking order with Asian people on top. What many people (and many companies) don’t understand is that India’s caste system, a socioeconomic hierarchy that divides Hindus into four main categories (and excludes Dalits… Read More

Wall Street’s Takeover of Atlanta’s Housing Market

It’s no secret that the American Dream, of a single-family home with a white picket fence, is out of reach for the vast majority of Americans, especially Black and brown people. But did you know that large corporations are buying up homes in growing cities, quietly pushing that dream further… Read More

4 Reasons Why Article 34 Sucks

The pamphlet for Prop 10 in 1950, which eventually became Article 34 of the California Constitution. Source: Liam Dillon What if I told you that 72 years ago, California amended its legal code to create the biggest constitutional barrier to affordable housing in the country? If I said that… Read More

Tech’s Impact on the Bay: German’s Story

My story Hey there! My name is German Calderon, the Community Manager at TechEquity Collaborative and a lifelong Bay Area resident. I wanted to share a bit about what it’s been like growing up in the Bay, the impact tech has had on my childhood, and how we can build… Read More

How to Be an Activist: A Practical Organizing Training – Recording

What does being an activist really mean? To us, it means becoming a part of a campaign for tangible political change. It can mean calling your legislators to pass a key bill, knocking on doors to get a citizen-led proposition on the ballot, building a civic tech tool to help… Read More

Announcing TechEquity’s Legislative Priorities

Each year, hundreds of bills are introduced into the California legislature. We sift through legislation to find and select a set of bills that address problems in our issue areas: housing and labor & workforce.  TechEquity is advancing a bold policy agenda to address economic inequality in the… Read More

Deepening DE&I – Equitable and Effective Corporate Practice

The Problem With Unfulfilled Promises To be frank, the diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives that corporate America and the tech sector promised in the wake of George Floyd’s murder haven’t aged well. Two years later, many companies have come under fire for paying lip service — whether it’s hiring… Read More