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The tech industry faces rising pressures to navigate changing economic environments, take corporate action, and mitigate legal, financial, and reputational risks. There’s an opportunity for industry leaders to steer through these challenges and further technological innovation that does not come at the expense of social and economic equity.  TechEquity shapes… Read More

AI + Hiring – How Algorithms Decide Jobs

As AI takes our economy by storm, it’s quickly being adopted in all aspects of business—including hiring. Companies are using AI to screen resumes, evaluate candidates’ body language in interviews, and more to automate hiring decisions, despite the potential for algorithmic bias. Some companies are even using AI… Read More

How do we create a people-first approach to AI policy?

Generative AI has captured the attention of people around the world. ChatGPT and other large language models excited millions of people—and created a sense of fear for others. But in some critical aspects of our lives, AI has already arrived, impacting everyone. Automated decision-making systems, predictive algorithms, and many other… Read More

Join the Contract Worker Group

Are you a contract worker and want to get connected to community and resources? We’re building a contract worker group to give updates on our campaigns, share resources, and come together to brainstorm how to close the equity gap between contract and directly-hired workers. Sign up to join the mailing… Read More

Thank You! – Contract Worker Group

Thank you for signing up to join the Contract Worker Group! You’ll get first look at our campaign updates and ways to get involved. In the meantime, you can get started by signing up… Read More

How Do We Tackle AI?

When it comes to AI, most people think of job automation—and the ensuing threat of job loss. We’ve seen it a lot lately with companies like Duolingo cutting down their headcount in favor of AI. However, AI has also crept its way into many other parts of daily… Read More

AI + Elections – Disinformation in the Age of AI

The United States is now entering its first-ever generative AI election, in which AI deepfakes will inundate our political discourse and voters may not know what images, audio, or video they can trust. Powerful, easy-to-access new tools will be available to candidates, conspiracy theorists, foreign states, and online trolls who… Read More

To the California Privacy Protection Agency: Workers Need Data Protections NOW

Productivity management systems dehumanize warehouse workers and push them to the edge of their physical capabilities. Low-wage employers use scheduling software that doesn’t account for workers’ schedule constraints or prevent demanding back-to-back assignments. Employers can monitor your off-duty activity with social listening software—and even feed this data… Read More

Tim Newman Joins TechEquity

We’re excited to announce that Tim Newman is joining TechEquity as our new Senior Vice President of Programs, Labor. In this role, Tim will lead and further our vision and strategy for the organization’s labor programs, including the Contract Worker Disparity Project and the Tech, Bias, and Labor Initiative. Leveraging… Read More

Tim Newman

Tim Newman is the Senior Vice President of Programs, Labor for TechEquity Collaborative. Before joining the TechEquity team, he was the Director of Worker Impact at where he worked at the intersection of technology and labor, helping working people use digital tools to win meaningful change in their workplaces… Read More