Who We Are

We envision a world where the growth of the tech industry creates economic prosperity for everyone, and where tech sector employees and companies are engaged and active participants in making our economy equitable. Our mission is to mobilize tech workers and companies to advance structural change that addresses economic inequity at its roots, focusing on housing and workforce & labor.

Our Story

Our region is becoming increasingly stratified. For some of us, a growing tech sector means increased wealth and access to opportunity. But for many, tech-driven growth is a sign of instability, displacement, and inequality.

Despite meeting scores of tech workers who were eager to figure out how to become more civically engaged, we found that the people who worked at the tech companies at the center of our economy were absent from conversations about how to solve the shared problems of the places the tech industry calls home. This led to a corrosive perception that the tech community didn’t care about its effect on its neighbors.

As members of the tech community, we believe we are all in this together.

We created TechEquity to bring those voices to the table, to heal that civic rift, and to advance policies that would help the benefits of a growing tech economy accrue to more people.

As members of the tech community, we believe we are all in this together. We have a responsibility to make sure our industry creates value for the world we live in, starting with the place we call home. We are committed to advocating for the kind of change that means all of us will be left better off as our industry continues to grow.

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Annual Report 2020

Curious about what we did in 2020? Check out our annual report for what we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed.


Jobs listed here are (competitive) salaried positions. TechEquity values diversity and especially encourage people from communities underrepresented in the tech industry, and Bay Area natives, to apply for all open roles. We occasionally open internship positions that pay hourly.

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