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TechEquity Collaborative Lobby Day Feedback Form

Thank you for joining TechEquity Collaborative’s first ever lobby day! We’d love to hear about your experience. Please use the form below to provide feedback and notes for each meeting you attended. … Read More

What’s the California Legislature Doing for Workers?

We know that worker protections and labor law can be complex; on top of that, understanding what the California legislature is planning to support workers in this unprecedented time can be overwhelming. That’s why Hannah is breaking down everything you need to know about the Silenced No More Act (SB… Read More

Tech’s Shadow Workforce: Revealing Disparities in Contract Work

For too long, the tech industry has been powered by an unseen, underpaid, and under-protected workforce. It’s time to reveal this power imbalance and close the equity gap. On Thursday, June 24th at 12pm PT/3pm ET,  we’ll be exploring the working conditions of contract workers across the tech industry, how… Read More

Contract Working Conditions in Tech: What’s It Really Like?

This article is the first in our series on the Contract Worker Disparity Project. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing our insights and learnings from first-person interviews with contract workers and our industry-wide contract worker survey. To learn more about the project, check out our announcement… Read More

AD-18 Candidate Forum

Now that Rob Bonta is taking up the helm as Attorney General, his District 18 seat in the California Assembly is up for a vote. On Thursday, June 3rd at 4:30pm, we’ll be hosting a virtual AD-18 Candidate Forum. Join us to learn more about the candidates for the AD-18… Read More

What’s the California Legislature Doing for Housing?

We know the housing crisis can be complex; on top of that, understanding what the California legislature is planning to address the crisis can be overwhelming. That’s why Megan and Hannah are breaking down everything you need to know about the State Senate Housing Package and the Renters Protection Acts… Read More

Black Homeownership and the Racial Housing Divide – Recording

Homeownership is considered the epitome of the American Dream; it not only implies housing stability, but is also a key factor in building generational wealth. However, this dream is largely inaccessible to Black Americans; our long-standing history of systematic racism, redlining, segregation, and exclusionary housing policies have stood in the… Read More

The End of Single-Family Zoning? – Recording

For the last century, local housing regulations have cemented racist and exclusionary zoning across the country. Single-family zoning worsens affordability by constricting housing supply, contributes to skyrocketing rents and home prices, and cements de facto segregation by preventing lower-income households from joining (and benefiting from) high-opportunity neighborhoods. Single-family homes and… Read More

5 Reasons Why Single-Family Zoning Sucks

We all know that housing policy in the United States has been racist since its inception. From the false promise of 40 acres and a mule to blatantly segregated neighborhoods, the ability to have stable housing has been offered handily to white people, at the expense of Black, Indigenous,… Read More

Housing 101: The Three Ps

So you’re interested in learning more about solutions to the housing crisis in California, and you’re not sure where to start? Here’s a quick primer on the guiding principles we’re using to build housing solutions. Read More