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How Does a Bill Become Law in California?

Have you ever thought to yourself “um, could the legislative process BE any more confusing?” Well you’re not alone—so much of the legislative process and the bills that the state legislature is trying to pass can feel completely inaccessible. However, understanding what’s happening statewide couldn’t be more important for passing… Read More

Thank You! – Contract Work Story Submission

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How To Talk To Your Boss About Race: Discussion with the Author – Recording

It’s crystal-clear that racism is inherent to every institution in this country. But knowing that racism exists isn’t nearly enough—how do you push leadership towards real anti-racist action? Diversity and inclusion strategist Y-Vonne Hutchinson helps tech giants, political leaders, and Fortune 500 companies speak more productively about racism and bias… Read More

Contract Work: The Gap in Tech’s Shadow Workforce

Through the Contract Worker Disparity Project, we’ve found that contract workers are more likely to be paid less and have less access to benefits and protections, despite performing similar work to direct employees. They also tend to be Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, women, and nonbinary people. The result of these… Read More

Corporate Takeover of the American Dream – Recording

It’s no secret that the American Dream, of a single-family home with a white picket fence, is out of reach for the vast majority of Americans, especially Black and brown people. But did you know that large corporations are buying up homes in growing cities, quietly pushing that dream further… Read More

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Contract Worker Disparity Project Campaign

Join the Contract Worker Disparity Project Campaign First Name* Last Name* Email* Zip Code* Title Company/Organization Do you work for a tech company?*YesNoI'm a tech professional but I don't work for a tech… Read More