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Thank You! – CWDP Sign-up Confirmation

Thank you for signing up to get updates on the Contract Worker Disparity Project! You’ll get first look at our research highlights and ways to get involved. In the meantime, you can get started… Read More

Announcing the Contract Worker Disparity Project

Despite worldwide pandemic-driven economic calamity over the past year, the tech industry has continued to boom. But the wide perception that tech workers prospered during shelter-in-place isn’t a fully accurate depiction. The reality is that a large proportion of these workers—the temps, vendors and contractors (or TVCs) who are classified… Read More

The Model Minority Myth: How Anti-Asian Racism Persists in Tech – Recording

About the Discussion On Thursday, April 8th, from 12-1 pm, we had a conversation about the origin of the Model Minority Myth, how anti-Asian racism manifests in the tech industry, and what we can do about it. The conversation was moderated by Catherine Bracy, CEO & Co-Founder of TechEquity Collaborative. Read More

Member Spotlight – Auros Harman and the Mapping Inequality Project

Every day, our members are doing amazing work to build equity in their communities. Hear what TechEquity member Auros Harman has to say about their work on the #MappingInequality Project: Want to support this work? Go to to fund their digitizing efforts!… Read More

The End of Single-Family Zoning?

For the last century, local housing regulations have cemented racist and exclusionary zoning across the country. Single-family zoning worsens affordability by constricting housing supply, contributes to skyrocketing rents and home prices, and cements de facto segregation by preventing lower-income households from joining (and benefiting from) high-opportunity neighborhoods. Single-family homes and… Read More

The Future of California Policy: A Roundtable with Elected Officials – Recording

It’s 2021; new year, new legislative session for California. As we’re (hopefully) nearing the end of the pandemic, our elected officials are reckoning with not only the fallout from the last year, but also the decades-long buildup to the affordability crisis we’re experiencing today. What can our legislators do to… Read More

Black Homeownership and the Racial Housing Divide

Homeownership is considered the epitome of the American Dream; it not only implies housing stability, but is also a key factor in building generational wealth. However, this dream is largely inaccessible to Black Americans; our long-standing history of systematic racism, redlining, segregation, and exclusionary housing policies has been standing in… Read More

The Model Minority Myth: How Anti-Asian Racism Persists in Tech

In the past year, hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders increased nearly 150% across the U.S.; Former President Trump and other Americans used racist and discriminatory rhetoric to blame the AAPI community for the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent spike in unprovoked acts of anti-Asian violence sheds… Read More

Algorithms, Bias, and Housing – Recording

Technology has innovated nearly every aspect of our lives, but such innovation can have unexpected social and economic costs. Take algorithms into account. We have computers all around us predicting and calculating from what products we should buy to which candidate advances to the next hiring round.When data is used… Read More