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The Future of California Policy: A Roundtable with Elected Officials

It’s 2021; new year, new legislative session for California. As we’re (hopefully) nearing the end of the pandemic, our elected officials are reckoning with not only the fallout from the last year, but also the decades-long buildup to the affordability crisis we’re experiencing today. What can our legislators do to… Read More

Tech & Labor Unions – Recording

In recent years, tech workers have rapidly strengthened their organizing power to make their voices heard at some of the world’s most powerful companies, pushing companies to abide by a stronger code of ethical behavior. In 2018 thousands of Google employees participated in a worldwide walkout, in 2019 Palantir employees… Read More

Jaimie Cohen Joins TechEquity

We’re thrilled to announce that Jaimie Cohen is joining TechEquity as our new Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications!  As SVP of Marketing and Communications, Jaimie will lead the team to create our marketing and communications strategy. She’ll be up-leveling our educational and engagement opportunities so every community member… Read More

A Year in Review: Letter from Catherine Bracy

I had a hard time writing this letter. How do you summarize 2020? Every year brings its challenges, but this one was unlike any other, to put it mildly. The COVID-19 pandemic brought hardship to all and devastation to many. The public health and economic repercussions won’t be fully known… Read More

What Will a Biden Administration Do for Labor? – Recording

Now that we’ll have a more labor-friendly executive branch, and with the fight over the status of gig workers far from resolved, we’re asking: what will a Biden administration do for labor? On Thursday, January 28th, we gave an overview of labor issues across the country and learned what policies the… Read More

Algorithms, Bias, and Housing

Technology has innovated nearly every aspect of our lives, but such innovation can have unexpected social and economic costs. Take algorithms into account. We have computers all around us predicting and calculating from what products we should buy to which candidate advances to the next hiring round.When data is used… Read More

What Will a Biden Administration Do for Housing? – Recording

With more people living on the street, a looming eviction crisis, and a lack of affordable housing nationwide, a lot of us are wondering—what will Biden do for housing? On Thursday, January 21st, we discussed an overview of housing issues across the country to learn what policies the Biden administration… Read More