Our housing crisis is shockingly opaque. We know we have a problem; housing is too expensive and people are getting pushed out of their homes and onto the streets. While California has passed much good legislation to address the crisis over the past several years, we don’t have the information and tools we need to make sure those policies are effectively implemented. 

We don’t know exactly how much rents are rising in vulnerable communities. We don’t know if tenants and landlords are getting the tools and resources they need to get through hard times. We don’t know if all of our efforts to win good housing policy are helping the people who need the protection the most. Meanwhile, the problem continues to get worse. We need better data—and the tools to put it to use—in order to solve the crisis once and for all.

The Housing Data Initiative will mobilize the skills and resources of TechEquity’s community of tech workers to advocate for the creation of better data about the housing market, build tools that help citizens enforce their rights, and collaborate with advocates to ensure that California’s housing policy is having its intended effect.

How the Housing Data Initiative Works


We’re working with community partners to build a deeper understanding of the impact, reach, and implementation gaps of recently-passed housing legislation.

Civic tech

We’re building a set of tools that strengthen implementation of existing laws, support partners as they ensure those laws are enforced, and demonstrate the potential of rich data to advance future housing policy.

Public policy

We’re developing recommendations that address critical gaps in the housing data ecosystem and unlock the potential for new solutions to address the housing crisis.

How can I help?

There are plenty of ways to support the Housing Data Initiative! You can add your name to get updates on the campaign, become a civic tech volunteer to build meaningful tools, or donate to support our efforts.

Housing Data Initiative Updates

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