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Rising Rents, Not Enough Data: A New Paper

Our housing crisis is shockingly opaque. We know we have a problem; housing is too expensive and thousands of people are living on the streets. But we don’t have all of the information we need to tackle this problem.  We don’t know exactly how much rents are rising in vulnerable… Read More

TechEquity Collaborative Celebrates Pay Equity Bill Signing; Calls for Renewed Push Towards Pay Transparency Going Forward

The Pay Transparency for Pay Equity Act (SB 1162) will combat existing gender and racial wage gaps in California SACRAMENTO, CA – Following Governor Newsom’s signing of the Pay Transparency for Pay Equity Act (SB 1162), a landmark piece of legislation – sponsored by TechEquity Collaborative – to expand… Read More

Seeing is Believing: Let’s Build a Prop 13 Map.

What is Prop 13? In 1978, California voters approved an amendment to the constitution that changed the way property values are reassessed. Over 40 years later, communities are feeling the negative effects of this decision more strongly than ever. The details of Prop 13 might sound innocuous: it ties… Read More

Responsible Contracting as Corporate Risk Mitigation

Recent multimillion-dollar settlements emphasize how risky it is for companies to operate without responsible contracting as a core business practice. Companies are learning the hard way that going through staffing agencies to hire contract workers does not, in fact, shield them from liability when workers are harmed. TechEquity created a… Read More

Seek and Hide: Discussion with the Author – Recording

Should everyone have privacy in their personal lives? Can privacy exist in a public place? Is there a right to be left alone even in the United States? Today privacy seems simultaneously under siege and surging. And that’s doubly dangerous, as legal expert Amy Gajda argues. Too little privacy leaves… Read More

Use Your Tech Skills for Good!

Earlier this year, Director of Civic Tech Matt Brooks discussed how people can get involved in TechEquity’s Civic Tech Team as part of our How to Be an Activist event. But what is the Civic Tech Team and how can you get involved? What is the Civic Tech Team?… Read More

Fixer Upper: Discussion with the Author – Recording

It’s no secret that our housing systems are fundamentally unequal. These unequal systems didn’t just emerge from natural economic and social forces. Public policies enacted by federal, state, and local governments helped create and reinforce the bad housing outcomes endured by too many people. In Fixer-Upper, Jenny Schuetz assesses… Read More

Become a TechEquity Activist

Ready to take a stand against racial and economic inequity? Thousands of tech workers are using their collective power to ensure our tech-driven economy works for everyone. Join our campaigns to change housing and labor policy and ensure no one slips through the cracks. Join… Read More