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The Model Minority Myth: How Anti-Asian Racism Persists in Tech

In the past year, hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders increased nearly 150% across the U.S.; Former President Trump and other Americans used racist and discriminatory rhetoric to blame the AAPI community for the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent spike in unprovoked acts of anti-Asian violence sheds… Read More

Expand Workplace Protections with the Silenced No More Act

For far too long, employers have been able to utilize non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), to silence individuals who have been subjected to discrimination or harassment in the workplace. NDAs foster a toxic environment for employees and contractors alike, hindering the ability to bring up abuse in fear of retaliation and, to… Read More

Help Bridge California’s Digital Divide with Broadband Access for All

Many of us increasingly rely on the internet to work remotely  and keep our kids in school during distance learning. Tech workers are some of those best equipt to make this transition to a distanced, digital life—but we recognize that for too many others the digital divide has entrenched existing… Read More

Expand Protections for Renters Now with AB 15 & 16

Just 2 years ago, TechEquity co-sponsored the Tenant Protection Act of 2019, which created common sense safeguards for more renters than any other renters rights bill in US history. However, the coronavirus pandemic has brought about  even more challenges for renters statewide, placing renters at higher risk of evictions. We… Read More

Support Worker Programs Now with AB 123

There are many programs in California that are helping families day in and day out. However, these programs and policies are not perfect and do not adapt to our current reality; a global pandemic. During unprecedented times, workers are having to take leaves of absence from work more regularly to… Read More

Algorithms, Bias, and Housing – Recording

Technology has innovated nearly every aspect of our lives, but such innovation can have unexpected social and economic costs. Take algorithms into account. We have computers all around us predicting and calculating from what products we should buy to which candidate advances to the next hiring round.When data is used… Read More

End Anti-Asian Racism in Tech

Hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have been spiking alarmingly in the last year, many of which are happening in the Bay Area. We at TechEquity denounce the violence enacted against AAPI people and are in solidarity with those who have suffered loss and pain. Read More

End California’s Housing Data Problem with AB 1188 the Rental Registry

For too long California lawmakers have been building policies and interventions with imprecise and unreliable data, with the hope that it will reach those most in need. It’s time to shed light on our biggest secret— right now we can’t answer the question “just how big is the housing crisis… Read More