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The Case for Ethical Practice in Residential Proptech

The State of Proptech and Housing Equity Over the past few years, we’ve seen buzzy headlines touting the benefits of Proptech innovation, ranging from automating mortgage approvals, digitizing rent-to-own contracts, to enabling homeownership through the blockchain. Many practices in the housing space have needed innovation and digitization—but as… Read More

Ifeoma Ozoma joins TechEquity’s Board of Directors

We’re thrilled to announce that Ifeoma Ozoma is joining TechEquity Collaborative’s board! As a board member, Ifeoma will help guide the organization’s direction toward building a more equitable tech economy. “Ifeoma is undoubtedly one of the greatest changemakers in the tech industry. Her bravery and persistence in the fight… Read More

Employers already know caste discrimination exists, but only a law can stop them from ignoring it.

Authored by Tanuja Gupta. Exactly one year ago today, I walked out the doors of the Google New York office for the final time after eleven years. On the outside, I knew many people thought I was crazy for blowing up my career and risking the… Read More

Ifeoma Ozoma

Ifeoma Ozoma is the Director of Tech Accountability at the Center on Race and Digital Justice, and the Founder and Principal of Earthseed, a consulting firm specializing on the issues of tech accountability and public policy. Ifeoma co-sponsored the… Read More

TechEquity’s 2023 Legislative Agenda

At TechEquity, we envision a world where the growth of the tech industry creates economic prosperity for everyone. We focus on addressing inequities within the tech industry and inequities that result from tech products and companies.  We work on systems change that enables economic stability for workers and society as… Read More

Introducing the Housing Data Initiative

Our housing crisis is shockingly opaque. We know we have a problem; housing is too expensive and people are getting pushed out of their homes and onto the streets. But we don’t have the information we need to have a strategic, focused approach to getting out of this mess.  That’s… Read More

Palo Alto: Discussion with the Author – Recording

Palo Alto, California, is considered the birthplace of tech, where the first virtual message was received on a computer the size of a garage. But underneath the shiny veneer of innovation and growth lies a more sinister story, one where capitalistic ambition, extractive labor models, and inequitable technologies have shaped… Read More

Research Program & Methodology Framework

About the Policy & Research Program  TechEquity Collaborative analyzes economic inequities within the tech industry and the inequities caused by the tech industry, with a focus on housing and labor issues. Our research program recognizes that directly impacted communities, namely people of color, are stewards of the information necessary… Read More