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The tech industry faces rising pressures to navigate changing economic environments, take corporate action, and mitigate legal, financial, and reputational risks. There’s an opportunity for industry leaders to steer through these challenges and further technological innovation that does not come at the expense of social and economic equity. 

TechEquity shapes the tech industry to ensure its growth benefits everyone. Because of our engagement and collaboration with advocacy groups, legislators, and the tech industry, we make connection points and facilitate far-reaching solutions. We’re able to anticipate friction points, unforeseen consequences, and opportunities for corporate action before the ripple effects of technology become untenable. Our research, advocacy, and industry engagement give voice to everyday people impacted by technology while also promoting long-term business success that brings about human flourishing. Our toolkits and resources help companies reflect their commitments to inclusion when designing and deploying ethical business practices and equitable tech products.  

How We Do It

Illuminate Tech’s Impact

We translate advocacy and research into high-road practices for the tech industry.

Catalyze Industry Action

We shift conversations towards industry-wide change toward ethical corporate practice.

Set the Table

We equip tech industry decision-makers with the know-how to implement ethical corporate practices.

Create Lasting Industry Change

We are the go-to sounding board for the tech industry on creating lasting, equitable industry change.

Resources for Industry Changemakers