Corporate Practice

How to build a more equitable organization

We help our corporate partners shape their social impact as they build and grow their companies. The tech community looks to us for guidance and expertise in advancing broad-based economic opportunity by improving housing and labor outcomes.

Our Corporate Practice Work

We advise on:

  • Responsible contracting and vendor agreements
  • Inclusive hiring strategies
  • Product inclusion and mitigating algorithmic bias

We engage and educate:

  • Situate your employees’ responsibilities within a historical and equity context
  • Provide deep dives on critical equity issues with corresponding action plans and resources

We build programs:

  • Draw a through-line between your commitments and your initiatives or products by implementing corporate practice change

We help companies articulate their policy positions:

  • Engage local, state, and national policy
  • Develop advocacy strategies

Shape Your Social Impact

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“Blend’s partnership with TechEquity Collaborative has benefited us hugely with their unmatched knowledge and advocacy around issues affecting housing and technology in California. The experts at TechEquity have guided us through the implementation of new, ground-breaking internal initiatives and provided welcome, thoughtful challenges to Blend in our pursuit of becoming the equitable employer of the future. We look forward to partnering with TechEquity in the future to continue to drive meaningful change in the housing industry.”

Antonia Ford, Diversity and Belonging Partner at Blend