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Daniel Geller

Daniel Geller is the Research Manager for TechEquity Collaborative. Prior to joining TechEquity Collaborative, Daniel worked for various public interest legal clinics, focused on First Amendment, environmental, and veterans law respectively. In these roles, Daniel was fortunate to assist the New York Times in procuring coronavirus case data broken down… Read More

To the White House: Our Response on Automated Worker Surveillance and Management

“When you were denied pay for your submitted work product, would the system say you were denied 1 of the submissions out of the hundreds you sent in? Or all of them?”“It will be that all 500 “weren’t submitted” so approximately a full 50 minutes of… Read More

Thank You! – Automated Workplace Story Submission

Thank you for sharing your story with us. One of our organizers will follow up with you soon. Sign up for our email list to get the latest updates on tackling inequities in… Read More

Rosita Vivanco

Rosita Vivanco is the Senior Vice President of Communications, Outreach & Engagement at TechEquity Collaborative. With over fifteen years of experience, Rosita has used her skills as a communications expert and storyteller to shine a light on important narratives across the nonprofit and tech space. She’s an experienced leader whose… Read More

Rosita Vivanco Joins TechEquity

We’re thrilled to announce that Rosita Vivanco is joining TechEquity as our new Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications!  As SVP of Marketing & Communications, Rosita will hone our strategy and build our next phase of strategic communications campaigns. She’ll work with the team to ensure that our community… Read More

The Case for Ethical Practice in Residential Proptech

The State of Proptech and Housing Equity Over the past few years, we’ve seen buzzy headlines touting the benefits of Proptech innovation, ranging from automating mortgage approvals, digitizing rent-to-own contracts, to enabling homeownership through the blockchain. Many practices in the housing space have needed innovation and digitization—but as… Read More

Ifeoma Ozoma joins TechEquity’s Board of Directors

We’re thrilled to announce that Ifeoma Ozoma is joining TechEquity Collaborative’s board! As a board member, Ifeoma will help guide the organization’s direction toward building a more equitable tech economy. “Ifeoma is undoubtedly one of the greatest changemakers in the tech industry. Her bravery and persistence in… Read More

Employers already know caste discrimination exists, but only a law can stop them from ignoring it.

Authored by Tanuja Gupta. Exactly one year ago today, I walked out the doors of the Google New York office for the final time after eleven years. On the outside, I knew many people thought I was crazy for blowing up my career and risking the… Read More