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Rent to Own the American Dream? A Panel Discussion

The American Dream of owning a home is getting pushed out of reach for too many people. Low housing supply, skyrocketing interest rates, and corporate takeover of starter homes is making a perfect storm in which low- and middle-income people are resigning themselves to a lifetime of renting. Rent-to-own companies… Read More

Gig Workers Rights Across the Country

It’s no secret that gig workers are underpaid, unprotected, and overworked. The fight over gig workers’ status as employees or independent contractors (and the pay, bargaining, and rights associated with that status) is playing out in courtrooms, legislative sessions, and elections across the country. So where are we now? Two… Read More

Pay Transparency is Law in California!

Contract workers—and all California workers—just won big in California! On Tuesday, September 27th, Governor Newsom signed the Pay Transparency for Pay Equity Act, SB 1162, into law. In case you missed it, this legislation does two big things: it requires companies to share salary ranges in job descriptions and… Read More

Rising Rents, Not Enough Data: A New Paper

Our housing crisis is shockingly opaque. We know we have a problem; housing is too expensive and thousands of people are living on the streets. But we don’t have all of the information we need to tackle this problem.  We don’t know exactly how much rents are rising in vulnerable… Read More