Upcoming Events

June 1: The Political Dynamics of Housing

Join us in June as we explore the political landscape of housing. Who are the players and what do they want? Why is it so hard to get anything done? And what legislative efforts are underway to help make progress towards solving the problem?

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Partner Events

Tech Resistance 101: Action for the Current Political Climate

At this event you will learn how frameworks for understanding how social change occurs and craft a personal action plan to support vetted grassroots organizations that are resisting the economic and social systems that disenfranchise them.

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Past Events

TechEquity Collaborative Member Launch Party

Last Thursday night we welcomed over 100 Bay Area tech workers to help us celebrate the official launch of the TechEquity Collaborative. Before we toasted on the roof of the Kapor Center for Social Impact, we heard from local policymakers…


Is It Time For a Tech Sanctuary Movement?

On Wednesday April 12th, we saw over 100 people — tech workers, activists, and other engaged citizens — gathered at Google’s offices in San Francisco to explore a provocative question: is it time for a Tech Sanctuary movement? The event was organized by…


Ballot Info Night: Housing, Housing, Housing.

TechEquity Collaborative held an info session on some of the local ballot measures Oakland voters will be asked to weigh in on during the 2016 Election. Of the nine, we chose to highlight seven that we think are most relevant to creating an equitable tech-driven economy.


Tech Education in Oakland: Creating Real Opportunity for All Oaklanders

Google’s Code Next space teems over with TechEquity members hungry to hear how Oakland’s tech ecosystem prepares students for STEM careers.