Upcoming Events

AD15 Candidate Housing Forum

The rent is too damn high. Wealth inequality is at its highest in ages. We are experiencing a brutal shortage of affordable places to live, resulting in intense gentrification, displacement, and even diseases once thought eradicated in the United States.The Golden State is losing its luster and we need to do something about it, now. On January 24th, this panel will offer you an opportunity to hear your future state representatives lay out their housing agenda. This event is hosted in partnership with East Bay for Everyone.

City Rising: Screening & Discussion

City Rising, an hour-long documentary produced by KCET, is a nuanced and compelling explanation of what gentrification looks like in three California cities. Join us February 8th for a screening of the documentary followed by a conversation with special guests about how growing and changing urban communities can benefit everyone.

Save the Date, March 8th: Rethinking Prop 13

Proposition 13, the California law passed in 1978 which pegs property taxes to the value of the property when it was purchased, was meant to protect older homeowners from unwieldy tax bills when they retired. But it has had a range of negative unintended consequences, from disincentivizing housing development to starving the state’s public education system. An effort to repeal the part of Prop 13 that covers commercial and industrial property is underway with a ballot initiative likely to be on the 2018 statewide ballot. Come hear how this crucial law has affected California and how its partial repeal will help spur more widespread opportunity and growth.

Partner Events

There's Another Way: Social Justice Happy Hour

There’s Another Way event series aims to build community among equity-focused leaders rooted in connection, inspiration, honoring multiple perspectives, and collectively reimagining what’s possible for all. Join on January 9th.

Drinks and Discourse: Kate Hartley

On January 10th, grab a drink and hear from the key people who are shaping the region’s future. In this installment of SPUR’s exciting Drinks and Discourse series, hear from Kate Hartley, the new head of the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. 

Ignite Your Inner Superhero

Women are at the forefront of political and social change. Meet four superheroes leading the way. On January 12th, get inspired to use your special powers for good.

MLK2018 March

Head to San Francisco on January 15th and join in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 2018 marks the Fiftieth year since the assassination of Dr. King, and NorcalMLK will spend the entire year in programs and projects designed to reflect on our society: where it has come, and where we want it to go. It begins with our MLK2018 events.

Civic Mornings

On January 19th, join CivicMakers for Civic Mornings, a gathering of the civic tribe in the Bay Area and beyond, at the beautiful new Impact Hub San Francisco.

What is Washington, D.C. Doing to Bay Area Affordable Housing?

In the midst of the Bay Area’s housing shortage, recent decisions in Washington, D.C. have made it even harder to address our region’s housing needs.On January 23rd, learn about the latest on tax reform, the federal budget and the policy actions that are affecting the future of the housing market. Leading experts will discuss how these actions impact our ability to create and maintain effective housing policies and much-needed affordable housing.

Your Turn: What Games Teach Us About Planning and Policy

On January 30th, come for a discussion of how games and game design can help us understand complex urban systems and the trade-offs inherent within them, then stay for SPUR’s first-ever board game night, featuring the game Bay Area Regional Planner and more.

Code For America: Find Your Local Brigade

Find your local Brigade and attend a weekly civic hack night. In the Bay Area, meetups are already occuring in San Francsico, Palo Alto, Oakland, and San Mateo are already happening. Code for America “brigade” or local chapter focusses on improving the Bay Area. They fix government services, create insightful visualizations from opened data, and engage people who may have been excluded from the economic boom in the Bay Area.

Past Events

Employment, Housing and the Bay Area’s Prison Re-Entry Population

In November, we partnered with Uber for a discussion on California’s re-entry population and the obstacles they face when it comes to finding housing and employment…

How Transit Impacts the Housing Crisis

Two facts that stuck in my mind: 70% of jobs in the Bay Area aren’t located within walking distance of a transit stop, and that number hasn’t changed in ten years; and there are almost 30 different transit agencies operating independently in the Bay Area …

The Missing Middle

Last Wednesday, Alex Lofton, Head of Growth and Co-founder of Landed moderated a discussion that helped clarify what the Bay Area’s housing crisis means for the middle class and highlight potential policy solutions for a segment of the population that is being priced out of the region but doesn’t qualify for affordable housing…

Equipping the 21st Century Workforce

Last Thursday we gathered at The Port Workspaces in Oakland to talk about what it means to equip job ready adults in a 21st century economy. Our panelists made it loud and clear that it’s time to focus on capabilities and not qualifications…

The Political Dynamics of Housing

We spent the evening digging into housing policy, funding for affordable housing, financing development, and providing some historical context for how this crisis came to be. Check out the recap on our blog which includes some additional resources on housing!