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America, it’s time for a recode: Recapping “Recoding America”

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the US were promised checks that never came or came late at a cost to their well-being. Some money was even stolen or wasted. This well-meaning attempt to support people—as unemployment skyrocketed, parents struggled to find… Read More


Our 2024-2026 Strategy TechEquity was founded in 2017 to answer a simple but ambitious question: what would it take for the growth of the tech industry to benefit everyone? Tackling that question still drives our work today and is reflected in our 2024-2026 Strategic Plan. We arrived at… Read More

President Biden’s Executive Order on AI: A Step Forward

On October 30th, 2023, President Biden issued the Executive Order for Safe, Secure and Trustworthy AI. This order establishes new standards for AI—including guidance for safety and security, protections for Americans’ privacy, as well as guidelines to protect renters from discrimination and workers from surveillance, bias, and job displacement. Read More

To Sen. Schumer: Protect workers as Congress considers the promise & perils of AI

As tech leaders like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg join lawmakers in late October for the second bipartisan AI Insight Forum, it’s more important than ever to consider the contributions of the ghost workforce fueling AI. These workers, including content moderators, generally receive low pay, experience harmful working conditions,… Read More

We Will Continue to Advocate for Equitable Economic Prosperity

At TechEquity, we envision a world where the growth of the tech industry creates economic prosperity for everyone. We believe that every worker matters and should be treated with dignity. In order to bring these ideals to life, this year we supported bold public policy to provide guardrails and… Read More

To Congress: It’s critical to center impacts of AI tech in ongoing conversations on AI regulation

The release of generative AI, like ChatGPT and Bard, into the public sphere fueled an already massive AI buzz over the last year. It also spurred wide discussion, concern, and attention to how artificial intelligence can also have the potential for harm—and there’s not much regulation in place to… Read More

The History Behind Labor Can Help Us Better Understand “Hot Labor Summer”

Have you heard about Hot Labor Summer? This summer has been a key moment in labor organizing—including in tech. The Writers Guild of America won one of the first major battles against the use of generative AI in the workplace. UPS workers fought and won raises and… Read More