Share Your Contracting Experience

Are you a contract or temp worker? We want to hear from you! 

LinkedIn reports that listings for contract roles increased 26% this year compared to the same stretch of time in 2022. Conversely, direct hire roles during that same time period grew by only 6%. At TechEquity, we have been researching the contracting phenomenon in the tech industry and found that contract workers—on average—are paid less, have access to fewer benefits and perks, and experience consistent difficulty converting to a direct and permanent position. 

With the growth in the use of contract workers—at the same time that the tech industry has implemented massive layoffs—we want to know, what has it been like for you over the last year?

  • We invite you to participate in a paid, confidential interview with our research team. 
  • Individuals will be compensated for completed interviews and their identities will remain anonymous. 
  • The goal of these interviews is to identify the most urgent and important interventions that can be made to support contract workers in the tech industry. From these interviews, we’ll pull themes, anonymous anecdotes, and areas for improvement to inform potential public policy solutions and industry recommendations. 

Your story can make the difference between the status quo and a new standard of treatment for contract workers in California, in the U.S., and worldwide.