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Accessibility Design in Housing

Accessible design is a hard-fought battle on screens and in streets: many people with disabilities are often barred from both digital and physical communities, in large part because the designers creating those spaces didn’t consider their needs in the process. Take housing, for example: for housing to be accessible, it… Read More

System Reset: How Tech Can Recruit, Hire, and Retain People Returning from Incarceration

For people who have been incarcerated, punishment extends far beyond prison. Many people (disproportionately Black and brown people) returning from incarceration are locked out of employment, worsening inequity in communities of color. But we have an opportunity to change that. By incorporating inclusive recruitment, hiring, and retention practices tech companies… Read More

Tech Wave Across the Country – Lessons Learned from Silicon Valley

From Austin to Atlanta, Boulder to Bend, cities across the country are greeting the arrival of tech companies and workers with equal parts excitement and apprehension. The diffusion of the tech industry beyond Silicon Valley brings an alluring promise of economic growth to places that desperately need it, but with… Read More

Ending Homelessness in California?

Everyone deserves to have a stable home, in California and beyond. However, for the past several decades, low-income people have been increasingly pushed out of their homes. Many families are finding themselves priced out due to low housing supply, stagnant wages, and federal and state governments slashing funding for affordable… Read More

Non-Disclosure, Non-Exposure: How NDAs Silence Workers in Tech and Beyond

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are all too familiar for people with marginalized identities. Yet, the workers that experience it are usually quiet about it—because they have to be. For decades, companies have used non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements to silence workers after experiencing harassment and/or discrimination. These often come… Read More

Tech’s Shadow Workforce: Revealing Disparities in Contract Work

For too long, the tech industry has been powered by an unseen, underpaid, and under-protected workforce. It’s time to reveal this power imbalance and close the equity gap. On Thursday, June 24th at 12pm PT/3pm ET,  we’ll be exploring the working conditions of contract workers across the tech industry, how… Read More

AD-18 Candidate Forum

Now that Rob Bonta is taking up the helm as Attorney General, his District 18 seat in the California Assembly is up for a vote. On Thursday, June 3rd at 4:30pm, we’ll be hosting a virtual AD-18 Candidate Forum. Join us to learn more about the candidates for the AD-18… Read More