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TechEquity Supports a Statewide Rental Registry

We’re co-sponsoring AB 2406 which will create a registry that collects price and eviction data for rental units across the state. This data currently doesn’t exist making it harder for public officials to make data-driven decisions that will prevent homelessness and displacement. The rental registry is also a critical… Read More

California’s Housing Crisis: A Conversation with Author Conor Dougherty

In Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America, author Conor Dougherty shares the vast history of California’s housing policies and how those policies have created an uncertain and unaffordable future for many Californians. Through interviews with different stakeholders, Dougherty dives deep into the housing crisis. On May 7th, we… Read More

Community Spotlight: Karolina Benitez-Calderon

Meet Karolina Karolina is a social worker turned software engineer. She worked as a case manager in Oakland and served youth in the foster care system who were affected by human trafficking. After learning about the intersection of tech and social good, she wanted to know how she could leverage… Read More

The Move Towards Stakeholder Capitalism

Shareholder primacy has been a method adopted by companies around the world for nearly 50 years. Shareholder primacy is the practice that holds shareholder interests as the top priority relative to all other stakeholders. In other words, the main goal of companies is to maximize profits for shareholders. While… Read More

Housing & COVID-19

COVID-19 has shown us how critical housing in California is and the difference having a home can make between staying safe or being at risk. What was once an already massive crisis is more urgent than ever before. On Tuesday, April 28th, we held a panel discussion about the… Read More

Tech Responds to COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis continues to expose the existing cracks in our system. Low-wage workers and the housing insecure were already struggling amidst the affordability crisis in the Bay. The pandemic only increases instability and uncertainty. Unequal access to our healthcare system puts people in a position to make trade-offs around… Read More

The Digital Divide

The State Superintendent of Schools has advised that schools not reconvene in California this academic year. While school districts, teachers and parents are doing amazing work making it possible for children to continue learning from home, many families don’t have access to the digital tools they need for their kids… Read More

TechEquity Supports San Jose’s Rent Freeze Proposal

San Jose is considering an emergency rent suspension in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The legislation would waive rent payments for San Jose tenants financially harmed by the pandemic. This means affected tenants would not have to pay rent in April, May, or June and would not… Read More

Help Tech Continue to Lead in Response to COVID-19

Across the county, public officials are responding to COVID-19 by issuing shelter-in-place orders. Here in the Bay, the order is being extended until at least May 1st. The reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has altered our daily lives, forcing us all to adjust to a new paradigm. Read More

Tech & COVID-19

With the entire Bay Area and more regions of the country under shelter-in-place orders, our communities and economies are struggling. Many workers whose jobs can’t be done remotely are being laid off or sent home unpaid, without health insurance. Small businesses are required to close shop, while rent and other… Read More