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Prop 15: What You Need to Know

Election Day is just around the corner. While the presidential race is drawing the most attention, ballot measures and candidates in local and state races have the potential to drastically reshape our communities, amidst and after the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we’ve launched this blog series, to break down the… Read More

What Can Tech Do to be Anti-Racist? – Recording

The Movement for Black Lives has rallied people together across the country and generated a wave of support from the tech sector. More companies than ever are taking a public stand on racial equity and systemic change. However, very few companies have shared commitments, beyond donating to civil rights organizations,… Read More

Here’s What Passed—And Failed—in the CA Legislature in 2020

On Monday at midnight, the California Legislature adjourned for the year, sealing the fate of the bills proposed to address the pandemic, recession, skyrocketed unemployment, looming evictions, and our housing crisis. Many felt, though, that the Legislature didn’t accomplish what they needed to in order to fully respond to the… Read More

Black & Unhoused: A Panel Discussion – Recording

There is no more vivid reflection of our inequality crisis than the thousands of people forced to live on the streets in California and across the country. More cutting still is the fact that 40% of unhoused people in the U.S. are Black, despite only representing 13% of the general… Read More

What’s Next for Prop 15

We’re about 100 days away from the 2020 election. There are plenty of consequential decisions to make on this year’s ballot, but one California ballot measure is at the forefront of TechEquity’s current work: Proposition 15.  Since 2018, TechEquity has been part of a broad and diverse group of over… Read More

The Great Affordability Crisis: A Discussion with Author Annie Lowrey – Recording

In The Great Affordability Crisis Breaking America, Annie Lowrey reveals that in one of the supposed best decades in the American economy, “families were bled dry by landlords, hospital administrators, university bursars, and child-care centers. For millions, a roaring economy felt precarious or downright terrible.” On July 23rd,… Read More

Can the California Legislature Fix our Housing Crisis? – Recording

Last Thursday, about 100 people joined us for an online discussion about the most promising statewide bills up for a vote this year and how the closing legislature is complicating things.  Ian Eve Perry, TechEquity’s Policy Manager, moderated the discussion with Matt Levin, housing & data reporter at CalMatters and… Read More

Community Spotlight: David Peters

Tech workers from across the Bay Area have joined TechEquity’s network and are giving their time, skills, and financial support to make their communities more equitable. We’re proud of our growing community full of smart, passionate, engaged citizens and we want to show them off! Meet David I’m a 3rd… Read More

Texodus – Recording

With the announcement from tech giants like Facebook and Twitter that most of their employees can work from home forever, many people are expecting a mass tech exodus from the Bay Area—a texodus, if you will. For some, it’s a call for celebration, a release of the pressure valve of… Read More

Community Spotlight: Emily Nakashima

Meet Emily Emily is the VP of Engineering at, a startup that helps software engineers understand and visualize their production systems in real time. In her spare time, she writes and speaks about monitoring & tooling for client-side applications. She also is a former organizer of AndConf, an inclusive… Read More