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Every Worker Matters Ensuring that a tech-driven economy works for everyone means that every job—whether in tech or not—should be a good job. That means expanding on-ramps to jobs in tech as well as strengthening worker protections across the labor force. Join Us Our… Read More

Tech & COVID-19

With the entire Bay Area and more regions of the country under shelter-in-place orders, our communities and economies are struggling. Many workers whose jobs can’t be done remotely are being laid off or sent home unpaid, without health insurance. Small businesses are required to close shop, while rent and other… Read More

California’s Housing Crisis: A Conversation with Author Conor Dougherty

In Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America, author Conor Dougherty shares the vast history of California’s housing policies and how those policies have created an uncertain and unaffordable future for many Californians. Through interviews with different stakeholders, Dougherty dives deep into the housing crisis. On May 7th, we’ll have… Read More