Contract Workers: We Want to Hear Your Stories

Inform public opinion and policy on contract work and help create a more equitable workforce in tech and beyond.
March 31, 2022

Are you a contract worker in tech? Have you experienced inequities in your pay, treatment, or experience? We’re looking for contract workers who can share their stories and help us pass a historic bill—the Pay Transparency for Pay Equity Act, or SB 1162—to change the treatment of contract workers.

We Need Your Support

We’ve created a portal for you to share your story through video or in a written format. You can share your story anonymously, or choose to make it public. You don’t have to be a great writer or the next Martin Scorcese to share what you experienced. We just want to make sure that the public and legislators hear your story.

If you’re looking for some tips, we recommend you speak specifically about the treatment you experienced—what was your pay like? How were you treated by your manager, your contracting agency, or your peers? What kind of work were you doing and for how long? 

Submit a Video!

Here are some tips on making you look great if you choose to create a video:

  1. If possible, use your smartphone or a laptop to create a recording. We suggest using a specific recording app like Photo Booth and not Zoom. We want the best quality image we can get.
  2. Be sure that you’re well-lit and that your background is appropriate and not too distracting. You don’t need a ring light or anything like that. Position yourself so that your face isn’t in shadow.
  3. Have yourself in the center of the recording with some room around you—we want to see your face but we’re not looking for a dramatic close-up. It’s generally good to be framed from the shoulders up. 
  4. When recording, speak loud and clear. There’s no need to have a script in front of you, just speak your truth, and then we can edit on our end. 

If you want to record an anonymous video, let us know and we can edit your video accordingly, redacting or changing any identifying features that you’d like. 

Check out this quick explainer video from our social media expert Lili for our top video tips:

Your Impact Opportunity

From legislators to company executives to our own community—you have the opportunity to shape people’s perspectives on contract work. Storytelling will be a crucial part of advocating for change both in corporate and public policy. In telling your story, you are helping to create a more equitable tech workforce. Please contact us if you need any further support. Thank you in advance and good luck!