Tim Newman Joins TechEquity

We’re excited to announce that Tim Newman is joining TechEquity as our new Senior Vice President of Programs, Labor.

In this role, Tim will lead and further our vision and strategy for the organization’s labor programs, including the Contract Worker Disparity Project and the Tech, Bias, and Labor Initiative. Leveraging his experience across labor policy, advocacy, and research, Tim will spearhead original research, cultivate relationships with key stakeholders, and collaborate across the organization and with partners to amplify the impact of TechEquity’s work. 

Tim will also play a key role in our leadership team as we continue to shape TechEquity’s role in building a better tech economy.

“Tim brings over 17 years of experience in advancing worker rights and economic, racial, and social justice while also analyzing the potential for harm posed by emerging technology. The enthusiasm and expertise he brings to this role are precisely what TechEquity needs to strengthen our labor program—especially as we deepen our commitment to enshrining contract worker rights into law in the coming years.”

Catherine Bracy, CEO and Co-Founder of TechEquity Collaborative

About Tim

Tim Newman is the Senior Vice President of Programs, Labor for TechEquity Collaborative. Before joining the TechEquity team, he was the Director of Worker Impact at Coworker.org where he worked at the intersection of technology and labor, helping working people use digital tools to win meaningful change in their workplaces and researching the impact of emerging technologies on workers. He also supported a committee of workers who distributed mutual aid to their fellow coworkers leading actions to democratize their workplaces through the Coworker Solidarity Fund. 

Prior to working at Coworker.org, he worked at Change.org and the International Labor Rights Forum. He graduated from Clark University with a degree in Sociology.