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The Business Case for an Equity Strategy Part 1: Engage in Policy Issues Important to the Community

By 2025, approximately 75% of our workforce will be comprised of Millennials. Deloitte’s 2019 study on Millennials and Generation Z highlight a growing trend of skepticism when it comes to businesses and the impact they have on society. Millennials and Gen Z workers often remain loyal to… Read More

Responsible Contracting Kickoff — Event Recap

Last Thursday, TechEquity Collaborative and Silicon Valley Rising announced a Responsible Contracting Project, which will provide a practical definition of a family-supporting job with safe and dignified working conditions for service workers on tech campuses. The panel discussion was hosted by TechEquity’s Executive Director & Co-Founder Catherine Bracy. The panelists… Read More

What You Need to Know About the CA Renters’ Rights Bills

In last November’s election, tenant advocates advanced a campaign that would have repealed the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act — the state law that places severe restrictions on local rent control ordinances. While Prop 10 ultimately failed at the ballot, the initiative successfully drove a conversation about the plight of… Read More

It’s Time to Ban the Box on Housing

A letter from John Jones III, formerly incarcerated advocate and leader for the Ban the Box campaign: When I was released from prison I returned to Oakland, where I was born and raised. After 14 years of being incarcerated, I hardly recognized the city I call home. I returned at… Read More

Why is the rent so damn high?

Last week we hosted a panel to answer the question: why is it so expensive to build a unit of housing in the Bay Area? It’s a surprisingly complicated question, but the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC-Berkeley has been doing really great work trying to get… Read More

Event Recap: The Color of Law Book Discussion

Last night, we had the honor of discussing The Color of Law with the author, Richard Rothstein. The Color of Law was the second book selected for the TechEquity book club and we feel strongly that it should be required reading for all Americans. About 100 people — tech… Read More