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We build cultural change—and win structural change

By bringing tech to the table in important efforts on housing and workforce & labor in California, we not only achieve more equitable policy outcomes faster, we also embed an ethos of empathy in the tech sector.
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We address our affordability crisis by focusing on two key issue areas: housing and workforce & labor. We see these issues as intimately linked; economic opportunity means your home needs to enable your work, and your work needs to afford you a home.

We accomplish this lasting change by educating tech workers on the most critical issues, activating them and their employers on the highest-value advocacy campaigns to see change on that issue set, and connecting them to their neighbors so they develop a sense of mutuality and understanding.


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6 Ways that Proposition 13 Sucks

Prop 13 — it’s the policy that all wonks love to hate, including me. The effects of Prop 13 are far reaching, and the consequences of this devastating policy are still being felt, forty years after its implementation. Read on to learn more about some of the lesser known consequences of the policy:

Why is the rent so damn high?

We hosted a panel to answer the question: why is it so expensive to build a unit of housing in the Bay Area? It’s a surprisingly complicated question, but the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC-Berkeley has been doing really great work trying to get to the bottom of it.