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We build cultural change—and win structural change

By bringing the tech community into these longstanding movements for housing and workforce & labor equity, we not only achieve more equitable policy outcomes faster, we also embed an ethos of empathy in the tech sector.
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What We Do

We mobilize tech workers and companies to advance structural change that addresses economic inequity at its roots. We do this in three ways:

  • Education: We create educational spaces in which the tech community can deepen their understanding of structural inequities, the history behind them, and the solutions we can enact together.
  • Public Policy: We advocate for public policy that addresses structural inequity in our economy. We work on issues that have a nexus with tech and the economy, with a focus on housing and workforce & labor.
  • Corporate Practice: We research, develop, and promote equitable corporate practices that build equity and opportunity in the broader economy.

We bring rank-and-file tech workers—and their outsized civic power—into these longstanding movements for justice, accelerating the pace of change.


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6 Ways that Proposition 13 Sucks

Prop 13 — it’s the policy that all wonks love to hate, including me. The effects of Prop 13 are far reaching, and the consequences of this devastating policy are still being felt, forty years after its implementation. Read on to learn more about some of the lesser known consequences of the policy:

Why is the rent so damn high?

We hosted a panel to answer the question: why is it so expensive to build a unit of housing? It’s a surprisingly complicated question, but the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC-Berkeley has been doing really great work trying to get to the bottom of it.