System Reset Initiative

In order to ensure more people benefit from the economic growth our industry is creating, we need to improve and expand on-ramps to the tech sector. We believe tech companies have the unique ability to create opportunities for those who have been previously shut out—workers who have a conviction history.

Companies need to reform their recruiting, hiring, and retention strategies and the policies that drive their hiring decisions. To enable more tech companies to tap into this talent pool, TechEquity is partnering with the San Francisco Office of Human Rights, tech companies, and community organizations to develop System Reset.

System Reset will be a toolkit that helps employers understand the policy landscape, business case, and best practices for hiring formerly incarcerated members of the tech sector. The guide will appeal to—and specifically targets—HR professionals within the tech sector. The guide will have an interactive online component that will provide these professionals the training and resources they need to build this equitable practice into their pipelines.

The toolkit will profile the stories and experiences of members of the System Reset Working Group to compel other tech companies to take the leap in hiring formerly incarcerated people.

This content is still in development, and we’re excited to share more as we develop this project. If you’re an HR professional at a tech company, be sure to sign up for updates. We’ll let you know when the System Reset Toolkit launches.