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Building a more equitable economy is going to take all of us; becoming a member is the easiest way to do your part.

We believe the tech industry can and should contribute to broad-based economic growth that benefits everyone. But it’s clear it won’t happen on its own.

When you become a TechEquity member, you support our work to educate and activate tech workers on the most pressing issues facing the Bay Area, such as housing affordability and living-wage jobs. By joining us, you’re making a statement about the kind of society you want to see the tech industry be a part of. Members contribute to concrete efforts that will bring about that change.

TechEquity represents an opportunity to bridge my work identity and my identity as a citizen and resident of the Bay Area.

By being a TechEquity member, I feel more informed and motivated to act on issues that are important to my community, such as housing justice and a more inclusive economy.

James Liu, TechEquity Member

By joining us as a member, you’ll know someone is out there representing you. We get it, life is busy and staying on top of what’s happening in our community and on the issues you care about can be tough. Your membership ensures TechEquity can continue to show up on your behalf to represent your voice in the conversations that matter most in our community. We’re running ambitious campaigns to ensure we move toward the vision of a tech economy that works for everyone.

Your membership ensures that TechEquity has the resources necessary to fight for an equitable tech-driven economy.

Membership costs $10/month or $100/year. We welcome you to make a higher monthly or annual contribution if you are able to.

TechEquity membership is for tech workers standing up for change. Tech workers aren’t just engineers or developers. We define tech workers as anyone who works at a tech company (including biotech and clean tech) or is a tech professional working with non-tech companies. If you fit this criteria, then TechEquity membership is for you!

Members get eligibility to vote in TechEquity’s endorsement process, discounted admission to our events, and tangibly support the growth of our work.

Our primary audience is tech workers, therefore, you must identify as a tech worker to become a member. If you don’t work in tech or are not a tech professional, you can still contribute to our work!