COVID-19 Relief Response

We’re partnering with local organizations to help people impacted by COVID-19

The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are being felt in every part of our lives. No one is untouched by the crisis, forcing us to adapt to new ways of life and increasingly rely on technology to connect us to work and schooling.

However, not everyone has the digital fluency necessary to carry on under this “new normal”, nor do they have a computer and internet to get them connected. 

Tech workers can bring valuable skills and resources to provide support in making this transition to those who need it most. TechEquity has partnered with local organizations that are providing on-the-ground rapid response support to our community to help close the digital divide.

Want to help support your community during this crisis? Sign up below to become a volunteer! We’ll follow up shortly about the specific roles and responsibilities available and match you with a volunteer opportunity that is best suited for you.

Check out our Twitter thread for other ways to get involved.

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Distance Learning & The Digital Divide

Bay Area schools are officially closed for the remainder of the school year. While school districts, teachers, and parents are doing amazing work to make it possible for children to continue learning from home, many families don’t have access to the digital tools they need for their kids to stay connected to their classrooms.

We’ve partnered with Tech Exchange, a nonprofit that provides families a computer, internet, and technology skills to ensure all kids can engage in distance learning during the crisis.

There is an urgent need to help Tech Exchange ramp up capacity during this crisis to enable them to serve even more families. Tech Exchange is orchestrating a massive equipment collection drive to enable companies and individuals to donate computers and other tech equipment. They need volunteer support to collect, sanitize, and repair these computers. They also need to provide families and students who receive the equipment with remote technical support to make sure families are able to effectively utilize the technology they are given. You can volunteer your time and skills to make sure Tech Exchange can meet the need. 

Want to do more to support distance learning? Donate to TechExchange.

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