Expand Workplace Protections with the Silenced No More Act

Companies are notorious for using strict non-disclosure agreements preventing employees from speaking out against racial discrimination.

For far too long, employers have been able to utilize non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), to silence individuals who have been subjected to discrimination or harassment in the workplace. NDAs foster a toxic environment for employees and contractors alike, hindering the ability to bring up abuse in fear of retaliation and, to the employer’s benefit, settling issues behind closed doors.

Californians deserve policies that hold employers accountable for unjust workplace practices, and current law limits the ability to do so. Under the Stand Together Against Non-Disclosures (STAND) act of 2018, employees who have signed NDA’s are only protected to speak out against sex discrimination. The Silenced No More Act (SB 331), authored by Senator Connie Levya (D-Chino), builds upon current policy and extends protections to cover all forms of workplace harassment, including race, sexual orientation, and gender identity, among other things.

That is why we’re working to break the silence and prohibit forced NDA’s. We must ensure workers are empowered to stand up against all forms of discrimination. Sign this petition in support of AB 331 and join our growing list of tech workers that are fighting to ensure a safe and transparent workplace that protects victims of workplace harassment!

  • As of August 30, 2021, SB 331 has been approved by the California Legislature and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.