Samantha Gordon

Chief Program Officer

Samantha Gordon is the Chief Program Officer at TechEquity, leading strategic direction of the organization’s programs on housing, labor, and technology. Her research and advocacy work has been instrumental in expanding TechEquity’s public policy presence in California, focusing on the impacts of technology on workers in precarious employment relationships, as well as the intersection of privacy, technology, and civil rights.

With over seventeen years of experience across issues spanning workers’ rights, economic justice, and social impact, Samantha leverages her deep expertise to drive transformative change at the nexus of technology and society, ensuring that TechEquity’s programmatic work upholds a commitment to impacted communities and equity throughout.

Prior to TechEquity, she served for twelve years at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in a variety of roles including, strengthening member engagement across the country, training and developing SEIU local union chapters on political education, and playing a leadership role for SEIU in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections in Arizona and Florida, respectively.  Samantha moved from SEIU’s national organization to its largest public-sector local union chapter, SEIU Local 1000, to drive a culture-change initiative across its statewide organizing program.  She served as key advisor to elected leadership and ultimately directed three major program areas of the union: organizing, politics, and communications.