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Should Tech Companies Be Political? – Recording

This past year, we’ve seen how tech giants have started to get involved in the political realm more explicitly. Just this year, Uber, Lyft, and Postmates poured $110 million into their Prop 22 campaign. Other companies, like Coinbase, banned politics in their workplace. With a growing affordability crisis in the… Read More

What Happens Now: Post-Election Debrief

On Thursday, November 12th, we answered the question on everyone’s minds: now that the election is over, what happens now? The 2020 election was jam-packed with measures that would have statewide and local implications, not to mention the big race at the top of the ballot. From housing and corporate… Read More

Join the Movement

We’re building a movement of tech workers We believe that bringing tech to the table helps us achieve more equitable policy outcomes faster while providing opportunities for tech workers to connect with our communities. With every tech worker that joins, we increase our ability to ensure our growing tech… Read More

So, Now What? How We Win Post-Election 2020

We finally made it. After an election year that felt like a decade, ballots are cast and the fates of our communities, our state, and our country are mostly finalized. Now that we’re here, some of us are wondering: well, now what? While the federal, state, and local elections will… Read More

Code of Conduct

TechEquity Collaborative is building a community of tech workers, companies and partners that are working to make the tech-driven economy work for everyone. We value inclusivity, mutual respect, and curiosity. The TechEquity community expects that TechEquity network activities, events, and digital forums: Are a safe, open, and respectful environment for… Read More

Props 17, 20, & 25: What You Need to Know

Election Day is just around the corner. While the presidential race is drawing the most attention, ballot measures and candidates in local and state races have the potential to drastically reshape our communities, amidst and after the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we’ve launched this blog series, to break down the… Read More

About Us

Our Vision + Mission We envision a world where the growth of the tech industry creates economic prosperity for everyone, and where tech sector employees and companies are engaged and active participants in making our economy equitable. Our mission is to mobilize tech workers and companies to advance structural… Read More

What’s on the Ballot: East Bay – Recording

This November is one of the most important elections in decades. While most attention is glued to the presidential race, the measures and candidates in local and state races have the potential to drastically reshape our communities, amidst and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Since there is truly so much on… Read More

November 2020 Voter Guide – San Francisco

In California, policy change often happens on the ballot, and many of the ballot initiatives—especially the local ones—can be hard to understand. Our team has evaluated each of twelve local measures in San Francisco to provide clarity on what the measures do and, where they intersect with ​TechEquity’s advocacy… Read More