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We’re building a movement of tech workers We believe that bringing tech to the table helps us achieve more equitable policy outcomes faster while providing opportunities for tech workers to connect with our communities. With every tech worker that joins, we increase our ability to ensure our growing tech… Read More

Code of Conduct

TechEquity Collaborative is building a community of tech workers, companies and partners that are working to make the tech-driven economy in the Bay Area work for everyone. We value inclusivity, mutual respect, and curiosity. The TechEquity community expects that TechEquity network activities, events, and digital forums: Are a safe, open,… Read More

About Us

Our Vision + Mission We envision a world where the growth of the tech industry creates economic prosperity for everyone, and where tech sector employees and companies are engaged and active participants in making our economy equitable. Our mission is to mobilize tech workers and companies to advance structural… Read More

Our Team

Catherine Bracy CEO & Co-Founder Ian Mogavero Chief Operating Officer Samantha Gordon Chief Programs Officer Megan Abell Senior Director of Advocacy Marion Wellington Director of Content Hannah Holloway Director of Policy and… Read More

Civic Tech Projects

Join the movement of tech volunteers for good We’re building tools, visualizations, and apps that support the movement for economic justice. Join our team of volunteer researchers, designers, coders, and data analysts to collaborate on tough problems and share new skills. Join Us… Read More

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Building a more equitable economy is going to take all of us; becoming a member is the easiest way to do your part. We believe the tech industry can and should contribute to broad-based economic growth that benefits everyone. But it’s clear it won’t happen on its own. When… Read More