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Thank You! – Newsletter Confirmation

Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! Our movement is made stronger with each new person that joins our community. You can get started by signing up for our next event, checking out … Read More

Ciana Catudan

Ciana Catudan is the Administrative Associate at TechEquity Collaborative. As an experienced administrative professional, Ciana is passionate about helping their colleagues achieve impact through smooth operations and systems. Before joining TechEquity, Ciana had the opportunity to work at a number of tech startups; there they met wonderful folks and developed… Read More

Carmen Tang

Carmen Tang is the Tech Community & Product Manager for TechEquity Collaborative. Prior to joining TechEquity, Carmen was a security engineer at Facebook, where she developed various tools that kept the platform and community safe from malware and online predators. She was also closely involved with various community outreach work… Read More

Ian Eve Perry

Ian Eve Perry is the Policy Manager for TechEquity Collaborative. Prior to working with TechEquity, they were a Research and Policy Associate at the UC Berkeley Labor Center. At the Labor Center, Ian focused on low-wage and health care policy research. They have also worked as a research assistant at… Read More