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Tech & Labor Unions

In recent years, tech workers have rapidly strengthened their organizing power to make their voices heard at some of the world’s most powerful companies, pushing companies to abide by a stronger code of ethical behavior. In 2018 thousands of Google employees participated in a worldwide walkout, in 2019 Palantir employees… Read More

What Will a Biden Administration Do for Labor?

Now that we’ll have a more labor-friendly executive branch, and with the fight over the status of gig workers far from resolved, we’re asking: what will a Biden administration do for labor? Join us on Thursday, January 28th, for an overview of labor issues across the country and to learn what… Read More

What Will a Biden Administration Do for Housing?

With more people living on the street, a looming eviction crisis, and a lack of affordable housing nationwide, a lot of us are wondering—what will Biden do for housing? Join us on Thursday, January 21st, for an overview of housing issues across the country and to learn what policies the Biden… Read More

Thank God 2020’s Over – A Happy(ish) Hour

Everyone can agree that 2020 has been a hectic year full of more downs than ups. With election fatigue combined with the pandemic, many of us are ready to wave goodbye to 2020! On Wednesday, December 16th, we’ll come together to discuss what 2020 has taught us and how we can… Read More

Should Tech Companies Be Political?

This past year, we’ve seen how tech giants have started to get involved in the political realm more expliticly. Just this year, Uber, Lyft, and Postmates poured $110 million into their Prop 22 campaign. Other companies, like Coinbase, banned politics in their workplace. With a growing affordability crisis in the… Read More

What Happens Now: Post-Election Debrief

On Thursday, November 12th, we’ll attempt to answer the question on everyone’s minds: now that the election is over, what happens now? The 2020 election is jam-packed with measures that will have statewide and local implications, not to mention the big race at the top of the ballot. From housing… Read More

Samantha Gordon Joins TechEquity

We at TechEquity are delighted to announce that Samantha Gordon is joining us as our new Senior Vice President of Advocacy & Organizing! As SVP of Advocacy & Organizing, Gordon will expand our base of tech workers and deepen their engagement in our efforts to ensure that all Californians have… Read More

Developing Talent: Berkeley’s Workforce Post-COVID

COVID-19 has revealed long-standing systemic flaws in our economic systems. The uprisings over racial equity across the country compound these flaws, throwing the systemic inequities embedded in our workforce into stark relief. Companies, schools, and workers are adapting to balance new conditions brought on by these twin pandemics and are… Read More