As members of the TechEquity Collaborative, this is what we believe.

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Our region is becoming increasingly stratified. For some of us, a growing tech sector means increased wealth and access to opportunity. But for many, tech-driven growth portends instability, displacement and inequality. In the Bay Area, the 21st century’s rising tide has not lifted all boats. 

We believe the tech industry, built on the internet — the most democratizing communications platform in human history — can and should contribute to broad-based economic growth that benefits everyone. In order to achieve that democratic vision, we need to enact policy change in three key areas:

TechEquity Collaborative | Housing


Everyone deserves to live with a roof over their head. Everyone. No one should have to pay more than one-third of their income for housing in order to live close enough to the jobs that the region’s economy is creating.

TechEquity Collaborative | Workforce

Workforce Development

Our industry must look more like the community where our companies are based. Too often our industry shrugs off diversity and inclusion as a K-12 education problem but we must also focus on job readiness so that capable adults can fill jobs — technical and non-technical — that are available *now.* This means working to reform not just corporate policy and culture but also transforming our workforce development system so that it works for a 21st century economy.

TechEquity Collaborative | Access to Tech

Access to Technology 

Being able to fully participate in society requires access to digital tools and skills. These tools and skills are not evenly distributed which perpetuates many forms of inequality and makes it harder for the most vulnerable to access an increasingly digital economy.

As members of the tech community, we believe  we are all in this together.  We have a responsibility to make sure our industry creates value for the world we live in, starting with the place we call home. We are committed to advocating for the kind of change that means all of us will be left better off as our industry continues to grow.