Legalizing Density

We’re supporting two bills that will repeal racist, exclusionary zoning codes and allow greater housing density.

We support SB 902 and SB 1120 which will repeal single-family only zoning statewide and make it easier for cities to build more housing near jobs and transit.

SB 1120 will end single-family only zoning by allowing two-unit buildings on every residential property in California. Single-family only zoning policies are rooted in a racist and exclusionary past. This bill will begin to correct that ugly legacy and increase our capacity to build new housing.

SB 902 makes it easier for cities to add even more density near transit and job centers which allows workers to live closer to their jobs, reducing the reliance on cars and helping California meet its carbon emissions reduction goals.

Read our letter of support for SB 902.


Pending at the Assembly Local Government Committee.


Passed by the Senate on June 22nd (SB 902) and June 24th (SB 1120) and sent to the Assembly.

Passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee on June 18th and sent to the Senate floor.

Passed by the Senate Housing Committee on May 26th and sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee.