Priority Legislation

Tech workers have the political power to move an equity-driven policy agenda.

We’re putting our weight behind a policy agenda that will make California’s economy work for everyone. Support our work by becoming a member of TechEquity.
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Priority Legislation

Each year, hundreds of bills are introduced into the California legislature. We sift through legislation to find the bills most relevant to our issue areas: housing and workforce & labor.

Together with our members and advisors, we’ve decided to focus our advocacy on these bills because they will do the most to ensure an affordable home, a family-sustaining job, and a true safety net are available to all Californians.

We can’t get this agenda passed without you! We’ll be joining coalitions, speaking at hearings, organizing calls and emails to amplify your voice and push these bills through the legislature. Join us.


In order to build an equitable tech-driven economy, we must address California’s housing crisis that presents barriers to stability and opportunity. Our 2021 legislative platform takes a multi-faceted approach to tackling the crisis.

We’re protecting tenants by ensuring the pandemic doesn’t create an eviction crisis and saddle renters with debt. We’re working to produce more housing at all income levels by lowering the cost of building housing, ensuring it will be built in high-opportunity neighborhoods, and fast-tracking the speed at which we build for California’s future. We’re making sure that housing work done in our state is rooted in data-driven decision-making by establishing a rental registry that gathers the information necessary for advocacy and smart policy and puts it in the hands of lawmakers, advocates, and researchers.


Workforce & Labor

Ensuring that a tech-driven economy works for everyone means that every job—whether in tech or not—should be a good job. That means expanding on-ramps to jobs in tech as well as strengthening worker protections across the labor force.