Support Worker Programs Now with AB 123

Workers and their families were already struggling prior to the pandemic, so we need to ensure that they receive the necessary support to adapt to our new reality.

There are many programs in California that are helping families day in and day out. However, these programs and policies are not perfect and do not adapt to our current reality; a global pandemic. During unprecedented times, workers are having to take leaves of absence from work more regularly to care for their loved ones and themselves during this devastating pandemic. The experiences of low-wage workers versus high-wage workers differ greatly, so in order to bring equity to the workplace, we need to create stronger legislation that protects all Californians.

In 2021 California legislators  introduced AB 123. This bill would revise the formula for determining benefits available to workers  under the family temporary disability insurance program. It increases the current wage cap on Paid Family Leave. Especially now during the pandemic where salaries have decreased, we need to make sure workers are supported at all levels.

Sign this petition in support of AB 123 and join our growing list of tech workers that are fighting for equity within the Paid Family Leave program. 

  • As of September 9, 2021, AB 123 has been approved by the California Legislature and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.