A Night to Remember with Outten & Golden

May 14, 2024

On Thursday, April 25th we gathered at 7th West in Oakland to celebrate the impactful work we’ve done together to improve working conditions across California. Our friends at Outten & Golden LLP presented us their Public Interest Award for our employment and labor advocacy.

Outten & Golden specializes in employment law, advocating for employees’ rights in workplace disputes, discrimination, and harassment cases nationwide. Every year, Outten & Golden selects a non-profit organization within the firm’s regions of New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington DC for the award, which includes a $20,000 contribution to the organization over four years. The firm’s contributions support groups advocating for workplace fairness and employment rights.

We took the evening as a chance to connect with partners across the labor movement, from employment lawyers to policy advocates to workers. We know this work isn’t possible without this massive network of people pushing for change, and it was a pleasure to convene and relish our work together.

Jennifer Schwartz, Partner at Outten & Golden shared: “The work that TechEquity does is so important. We appreciate everything you do for workers’ rights and we’re honored to give you this year’s Public Interest Award.”

Our CEO and Founder Catherine Bracy shared where we’re at:

“We have a lot of thank yous, but the most important one we have is to the workers. The courage and bravery it takes for these workers to show up and tell their story, to testify at an Assembly hearing, to share their story with us so we can broadcast it across the internet and hope that other workers can be empowered to speak up is really inspiring. Thank you all so much for sharing your story and organizing with us.”

Our efforts to strengthen worker’s rights are far from over. This celebration deepened our commitment to enshrining contract worker rights into law in the coming years, and to work side by side with our amazing partners to get there.