Tech Wave Across the Country: Lessons Learned from Silicon Valley – Recording

October 14, 2021

From Austin to Atlanta, Boulder to Bend, cities across the country are greeting the arrival of tech companies and workers with equal parts excitement and apprehension. The diffusion of the tech industry beyond Silicon Valley brings an alluring promise of economic growth to places that desperately need it, but with it comes the fear of displacing existing residents and businesses in the process—and mimicking much of the inequality that has plagued Silicon Valley.

San Francisco and the broader Bay Area have been contending with tech’s explosive growth and its consequences for the last four decades. We’ve learned some painful lessons about how to welcome tech-driven growth without driving displacement. What can the rest of the country learn from the Bay Area so that other cities don’t repeat the same mistakes?

On Thursday, October 14th at 12pm PT/3pm ET, we had a discussion on how other U.S. cities can take hard-earned lessons from the Bay to ensure that their growing tech industries can create economic prosperity for everyone.

The webinar was moderated by Megan Abell, Director of Advocacy at TechEquity. Panelists included:

  • Leigh-Ann A. Buchanan, Esq., President of aīre ventures
  • Maria Noel Fernandez, Deputy Executive Director of Working Partnerships USA
  • German Calderon, Community Manager at TechEquity Collaborative

Thanks to AppLovin for sponsoring this event.