Algorithms, Bias, and Housing – Recording

March 4, 2021

Technology has innovated nearly every aspect of our lives, but such innovation can have unexpected social and economic costs. Take algorithms into account. We have computers all around us predicting and calculating from what products we should buy to which candidate advances to the next hiring round.

When data is used improperly, it can further embed bias into existing systems. In the housing space, where there is a long history of racism and inequity, opportunity abounds for the application of technology to perpetuate inequality rather than reduce it.

On Thursday, March 4th, from 12-1pm, we be had a conversation on how public and private sector technologies are deployed in the housing space, what possible risks these tools pose for embedding inequality, and what policy solutions can prevent algorithmic bias in housing. The conversation was moderated by Catherine Bracy, CEO & Co-Founder of TechEquity Collaborative. Panelists included:

  • Lisa Rice, President & CEO at National Fair Housing Alliance
  • Natasha Duarte, Senior Policy Analyst at Upturn
  • Theodore R. Flo, General Counsel, Secretary & Chief Admin. Officer at Zest AI

This webinar was hosted on Zoom.