Black & Unhoused: A Panel Discussion – Recording

August 6, 2020

There is no more vivid reflection of our inequality crisis than the thousands of people forced to live on the streets in California and across the country. More cutting still is the fact that 40% of unhoused people in the U.S. are Black, despite only representing 13% of the general population.

The disproportionate impact of homelessness on Black communities is rooted in a racist history of housing in America. Policies that kept Black people from building wealth and resilient communities through homeownership have never been redressed. As we enter a recession the economic impacts are again going to disproportionately harm Black communities.

How did we get here, and how can we fix it?

On Thursday, August 6th we heard from:
-John Jones III, Campaign Director of the Alameda County Fair Chance Housing Coalition
-LaRae Cantley, Co-Founder of the Housing Justice LA podcast
-Joy Moses, Director of the National Alliance to End Homelessness’ Homelessness Research Institute

We talked about what barriers prevent Black people from accessing housing, the structural inequities behind homelessness, and what we can do to end our racial housing crisis.

The webinar was moderated by Catherine Bracy, Executive Director and Co-Founder of TechEquity.