Tech Responds to COVID-19

April 13, 2020

The coronavirus crisis continues to expose the existing cracks in our system. Low-wage workers and the housing insecure were already struggling amidst the affordability crisis in the Bay. The pandemic only increases instability and uncertainty. Unequal access to our healthcare system puts people in a position to make trade-offs around health and safety. Local governments across the country are scrambling to find solutions for our broken systems and ensure the safety of their communities. 

In this uncertain time, people across the country are looking to our institutions for information and leadership. In a recent webinar hosted by Axios, Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman Global, discussed the role of companies during the crisis. Edelman encouraged companies to speak up and share what they are doing to help solve the crisis. The public needs to see how companies are responding in order to build trust.

As a hub of innovation, wealth, and talent, the tech sector is positioned to support solutions and build public trust. In a recent blog post, we shared that tech established itself as an early leader in responding to COVID-19. We think there’s an opportunity to build on that momentum to cement tech as a leading force for positive change as we emerge from COVID-19. 

We are collecting data from our network on how tech companies, big and small, are responding to support those in need. The swift and immediate response from the tech sector is exciting. Moving forward, we’re galvanizing our community to support the long-term initiatives we will need to recover from the crisis. 

The following is a list of the information we’ve gathered on tech’s response to COVID-19. 

Large Corporations Lead in Responsible Contracting

Leaders in tech across the Bay quickly stepped up, sharing announcements that they would continue to pay contingent workers while offices closed. To help ensure stability in our communities, we urged companies in our network to follow suit. Newsweek shared a more extensive list of companies continuing to pay hourly workers.

Tech Companies Across the Bay Rally in Response Efforts

There are a variety of factors that companies must consider in their crisis response. Company scale, cost structure, and the duration of current events certainly play a role in a company’s ability to pay contingent workers. While not all tech companies may be in a position to continue to pay hourly workers, many of them are giving back in other ways.