Community Spotlight: Gina Tomlinson

November 12, 2019

Tech workers from across the Bay Area have joined TechEquity’s network and are giving their time, skills, and financial support to make their communities more equitable. We’re proud of our growing community full of smart, passionate, engaged citizens and we want to show them off!

Meet Gina

Gina is currently the President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of T5 Solutions Technology Consulting Services, specializing in IT services for nonprofits. She serves as a Commissioner for the City of Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission. Previously, she was the Chief Technology Officer for the City and County of San Francisco, and the Chief Information Officer for SFMuni. She was honored to serve as a member of the Google U.S. Government Innovation Advisory Board.

Her time outside of work is best spent being an avid sports fan, riding her bicycle, attending live jazz music events, and hitting the trails with her Rhodesian Ridgeback dog Jojo.

What is your professional passion these days?

Turning my passion into purpose! My purpose has been in technology and my passion is rooted in community service. I’m grateful I’m able to marry the two, as I get to create bountiful services and solutions for those in need.

What does it mean to you to be a responsible citizen while working in tech?

I deem it a duty to be actively engaged in the civic process of our local, state, and federal institutions. We need to be deeply immersed in our communities so we can develop innovative solutions that will actually address the concerns of our most marginalized.

How has TechEquity impacted civic participation?

Tremendously! One of the things I appreciate about their work is how they’re working to build equity and inclusivity in our new “tech economy”. I see such a great divide between the “haves” and “have nots” in our region, and that divide only seems to be broadening. TechEquity serves as a vehicle for those who want to put in the work to ensure that our tech economy bridges that gap instead of widening it.

Why is it important for the tech community to become more civically engaged?

Technologies like AI, IoT, facial recognition, etc., directly touch the lives of everyday people in our communities. This makes it morally imperative that tech workers embed ourselves within their community to better understand the socio-economic impact of our work. By doing so, we can create a culture in which technology enables, empowers, and improves the lives of the people. We need to ensure that the citizens are not just consumers of technology, but actual contributors to the development of technology.

Beyond that, we as tech workers have a responsibility to share the prosperity and opportunity that tech brings us with our more marginalized community members. That’s why getting involved in TechEquity is so important; together, tech workers have the opportunity and tools to change material conditions in the Bay and beyond.

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